Experience ☆ Leadership ☆ Proven Results

Experience ☆ Leadership ☆ Proven Results

Experience ☆ Leadership ☆ Proven Results

There is much work to be done.

It will take our collective spirit to make sure that the major decisions of our elected leaders are done in a fashion that protects those most vulnerable, while making bold changes to the way government performs its duties.

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02 jul
Residents Scrutinize
Millbrae station plan

Residents took advantage of their first opportunity to officially and publicly express opinions

20 jul
Millbrae business
improvement district

In an attempt to revitalize the economic viability of downtown Millbrae, entrepreneurs, residents and officials are...

Get to know
more about me

Gina Papan
for council

I grew up in San Mateo County and I love this place. I have been working hard as your neighbor, Council Member, and Mayor to maintain and improve our quality of life.


5th of October
Mailed Ballots

Vote by mail ballots will be sent to all registered voters between October 5, 2015 and October 27, 2015.

12th of October
Missing Ballot

If you do not receive your ballot by this date, email registrar@smcare.org.

19th of October
Last Day

Last day to register to vote for the November 3 election.

3rd of November
Last Mail Day

Last day to mail in your ballot. Make sure your vote counts! Your ballot must be postmarked on or before November 3, the last day to vote.