About Gina Papan

Experience ☆ Leadership ☆ Proven Results

Former Millbrae Mayor Gina Papan brings decades of experience championing public safety and quality of life services that protect children, families, local businesses and economic vitality. She is a strong advocate of establishing emergency reserves; reducing waste, costs, and debt; and maintaining the essential, quality of life services our local residents and families rely on.

As a member of the Millbrae City Council, Gina helped bring new businesses to our City; instituted systems to help the environment and keep our local water supply safe and clean; installed more street lights and bike lanes; expanded programs for kids; developed policies to support water efficiency and the use of recycled water; and protected our Police, Fire, and 911 services.

If re-elected, Gina Papan will continue to ensure our life-saving emergency, medical and 911 services are the top priority. She’ll protect our community’s character with responsible development that doesn’t increase traffic or burden local services, infrastructure, or schools. Gina will continue her advocacy for children, seniors and all families, while fighting for Millbrae’s economic prosperity and fixing aging infrastructure, streets and potholes.

Gina currently serves the public as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of California and is a Director of John’s Closet, a community nonprofit that has assisted over 15,000 underprivileged children and their families with free clothing, scholarships and other basic needs. Gina and Maggie, her four legged pal live in the Green Hills neighborhood.

San Mateo County Supervisor
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How Gina feels about public discourse and providing the opportunity for her constituents to be heard.

Gina at the Millbrae National Night Out 2013