2015 Endorsements of Gina Papan for City Council

State Representatives

Jerry Hill, State Senator
Kevin Mullin, Speaker Pro Temp, State Assembly
Fiona Ma, Board of Equalization
Steve Westly, Former California State Controller
Assemblyman Rich Gordon
Assemblyman Phil Ting


San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff's Association
Fire Fighters Local 2400
San Mateo County Realtors (SAMCAR)
San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee
San Mateo County Association of Realtors
San Mateo County Democrats & San Mateo County Family Democrats

San Mateo County Board of Supervisors

Carol Groom - President of Board
David Pine, Supervisor
Warren Solcum, Supervisor
Adrienne Tissier, Supervisor

San Mateo County College Board
Thomas Mohr, College Board Trustee
Karen Schwarz, College Board Trustee

San Mateo Union High School Board

Marc Friedman, Board Member

San Mateo County Board of Education

Joe Ross, Board Member

CITY Representatives

Robert Gottschalk, Mayor, Millbrae
Wayne Lee, City Council, Former Mayor, Millbrae
Daniel Quigg, Former City Council, Millbrae Mayor
Doris Morse, Former City Council, Millbrae Mayor
George Corey, Former Mayor of San Bruno
Art Kiesel, Mayor, Foster City
Marina Fraser, Council Member, Half Moon Bay
Robert Ross, Former Mayor, San Mateo
Joe Galligan, Former Mayor, Burlingame
Victor Kyriakis, Former Mayor, Daly City
Art Agnos, Former Mayor, San Francisco
George Corey, Former Mayor of San Bruno,
Art Kiesel, Mayor, Foster City
Steve Okamoto, Foster City Councilman
Member, Belmont Charles Stone, Council
Rico Medina, City Council, San Bruno
Mary Vella Treseler, Former City Treasurer

Millbrae School Board of Trustees
Lynne Ferrerio - President Millbrae School Board
Frank Barbaro, Trustee
Denis Fama, Trustee
D. Don Reveb, Trustee

Community Supporters

Beth Anderson, Community Preservation Comm.
Rose Agius, Sister City Comm.
Harry Aubright, Business Advisory Comm.
Gina & Bill Borba, Millbrae
Paul & Marian Bourque, Millbrae
Larry Cappel, Jr., Brd. Member, Penn. Healthcare Dist.
Donna Curusis, Teacher (ret.)
Calvin Chin, Millbrae
Margaret Cronin, Millbrae (ret.)
Bilin Chou, Cultural Arts Comm.
Eunice Danli, Sister City Comm.
Maureen Davis, Library Comm.
Mike & Adrianne Delfino, Millbrae
Lou De Savatore, Senior Advisory Comm.
Donna Eghbal, Community Preservation Comm.
Helen Gilligan, Brd. Member, Penn. Healthcare Dist.
Donna Curusis, Teacher (ret.)
George Habeeb, Millbrae Man of the Year
Helen Habeeb, Millbrae
Floyd Gonella, Superintendent of Schools, San Mateo Co. (ret.)
Mary Griffin - Former Supervisor
Gale Grinsell, Community Preservation Comm.
Jean Joh, Planning Comm.
Kathleen Kimura, Sister City Comm.
Ken Kimura, Millbrae
Ann Kirkbride, Community Preservation Comm.
Carol Krasilnikoff, Community Preservation Comm.
Alice & Michael Kuang, Millbrae
Judy & John LaDuca, Millbrae
Allen Lee, Sister City Comm.
Aline Lee, Sister City Comm.
Alex Lee, Youth Advisory Comm. (ret.)
Angie Sam Lee, Business Advisory Comm.
Arnold Lee, Former Pres. Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Assoc.
Ming Lee, Senior Advisory Comm.
Mimi Lee, Senior Advisory Comm.
Mimi Lin, Senior Advisory Comm.
George Lynch, Jr., Park & Rec. Comm.
Caroline Mcilhenny, Senior Advisory Comm.
Rochelle Mullen, Senior Advisory Comm.
John Muniz, Millbrae Historical Soc.
Ron & Lois Pape, Millbrae
Baron C. Suen, Cultural Arts Comm.
Judi Sullivan, Library Comm.
Mary Vella Treseler, Former City Treasurer
Margaret Taylor, United American Bank, Board Member
Maeley Tom, Former DNC Executive Committee Member & Former Chair of the API Caucus of the Calif. Dem. Party, Co-Founder of the Assn. of Asian American Investment Managers (AAAIM)
Gina & Ron Tompson, Millbrae
Julie Turner, Park & Rec. Comm.
Peter Yeh, Sister City Comm.
Sammy Yim, Sister City Comm.
Catherine Quigg, Planning Comm.
Daniel F. Quigg, Park & Rec. Comm.

“Gina Papan is a recognized leader at the state, regional and local level who will fight to secure Millbrae’s fair share of funding and resources. I can’t imagine a stronger advocate for the Millbrae community.”
-State Senator Jerry Hill

“Gina Papan’s experience as former Millbrae Mayor and City Council member will ensure the long-term fiscal health and economic vitality of our City. I’m proud to support her re-election.”
- Mary Vella Treseler, former City Treasurer

“Gina Papan’s results-oriented leadership is just what’s needed to maintain Millbrae’s parks, playgrounds, after-school and library programs. Join me in supporting her re-election– Gina will protect the 911 and quality of life services our families depend on.”
- Calvin Chin, Green Hills, Taylor, Mills High School

“Our neighborhood-serving businesses need City Hall’s help to succeed. Gina Papan has a proven track record of bringing new businesses like ours to Millbrae and working to improve our City’s economic prosperity.”
- Carol Basch, Owner, Nothing Bundt Cake

"San Mateo County Firefighters have supported Gina Papan in the past and she has always proven herself to be a supporter of Firefighters and a champion of Public Safety, that is why San Mateo County Firefighters are proud to endorse Gina Papan once again."
- John Wurdinger, President IAFF L2400, San Mateo County Firefighters

- San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff's Association


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