Gina Papan Re-Election Priorities

Public Safety and 911 Services.

Our neighborhoods must continue to be clean and safe. I’ll continue to keep our 911 response times fast and both of our Fire Stations open and operational to address our City’s emergency, medical and 911 needs. Police staffing and neighborhood patrols must be maintained at current levels.

Neighborhood Services.

A financially responsible, balanced city budget should support sidewalk and pothole repair; anti-blight programs and litter removal; adequate lighting and parking in our neighborhoods and commercial districts; library hours, after-school and senior programs. I’ll continue to protect our community’s character with responsible development that doesn’t increase traffic or burden local services, infrastructure, or schools and fix our aging streets and potholes.

City-School Partnerships.

As your Mayor and Council Member, I created City-School partnerships to improve playing fields at five school sites. After-school and recreation programs help keep our students focused and out of trouble. Quality education and access to our excellent schools is a priority for us all.

Water Conservation and the Environment.

While serving on the Millbrae City Council, water conservation was one of my top concerns. I also worked to ban the use of plastic bags, implemented a waste reduction strategy, and helped establish a co-generation plant turning restaurant grease into clean energy. I’ll continue to identify creative, innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and keep our Bay clean.

“Please join me in supporting Gina Papan’s re-election to the Millbrae City Council. In a word, she is simply outstanding.”

Former Mayor Dan Quigg

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