The Road

There is much work to be done. It will take our collective spirit to make sure that the major decisions of our elected leaders are done in a fashion that protects those most vulnerable, while making bold changes to the way government performs its duties.

From my perspective, for the good of the people around us who are struggling, we have to keep trying to help others — to make a difference for the better. If we don't try, we will never know what we could have done. And by just trying, we can touch the lives of so many.


As cities slowly recover from the Great Recession, Millbrae's revenue is growing but easily impacted by down turns in the market or any events that effect travel or tourism. Maintaining a stable revenue stream and responsible fiscal management, while providing services that maintain our community’s quality of life is more important than ever.  

As a City Council member and former Millbrae Mayor, I will continue to address the challenges and opportunities facing our community, including maintaining public safety, fiscal stability, quality of life services, job preservation and creation, affordable housing, and responsible development.   

As an individual, as a Councilmember and past Mayor of the City of Millbrae, I have a long record of protecting our environment.